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GTA 5: the Contract reveals what happened to Michael after the end of story mode

GTA Online, the successful multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, has just received a new free expansion that for the first time includes one of the three protagonists of the campaign mode, Franklin Clinton, and that elapses several years after the main story. That is why thanks to The Contract, this new DLC now available for the mode online, we can discover interesting details that occurred after that last iconic mission in which we had to choose one of the three possible endings (you can see how to get all of them in our definitive guide in Spanish).

Who play The Contract they will find a good amount of new information that Rockstar Games has placed there for diehard fans of the latest installment of the saga Grand Theft Auto. If you have not finished the game and want to do it without knowing anything about the end of the story, or if you want to get to this new DLC without spoiling any possible surprises, we recommend you stop reading to avoid spoilers.

Spoilers: What happened to Michael after GTA 5?

The Contract is littered with details of the plot of Grand Theft Auto V After the end of his campaign mode thanks to the appearance not only of Franklin himself, who is now a successful businessman and is married to Tanisha, with whom he has also had children, but we will also have to again bear the scorn of Lamar Davis. And we can go back to caressing Chop, who is now a few years older (and it shows). But what happened to the other two members of the main trio? Where are Trevor and Michael?

This question is important because it establishes the canonical ending of Grand Theft Auto V, where we had to choose between killing one of these two characters or looking for a third way to keep the group alive. Rockstar Games seems to have chosen the latter ending as the best option, since during a mission of The Contract in which we chase one of our victims on a set of filming our own Franklin mentions he knows a movie producer and that he hopes he didn’t “move his ass to work today.”

This is one clear reference to Michael, who during the original story of the game always makes it clear that his dream would be to dedicate himself to the film industry as a producer. It seems that in the end he has succeeded and, most importantly, he is still alive. Now we have to know if Trevor has suffered the same fate, although at the moment no references to this deranged character have been found in The Contract.

Grand Theft Auto V, and its multiplayer mode GTA Online, are available on PS4, Xbox Series One, and PC. They will arrive soon, sometime in March 2022, to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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