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Grandma mistakenly receives 6 OLED Switches and the store let her keep them | Levelup

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A really interesting story comes to us from the United States, as it has just been reported that a granny mistakenly received 6 Nintendo Switch OLEDs in parcel and when she tried to return them, the store gave them to her.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model was launched last October and since then it has been the target of a large number of fans who want to update their console. However, the current crisis caused by the pandemic has made such a mission complicated by the lack of stock.

The grandmother will give the consoles to her grandchildren

Despite this, it seems that the Target store in the United States is having less and less problem meeting demand and is already shipping with the new model. And precisely, Deborah Lewis discovered it recently when she received several consoles by mistake.

The curious thing of all is that when the 68-year-old grandmother tried to return them to a store near her home, the employees told her that she could keep the 6 units, a moment that was recorded.

Here you can see it:

“On behalf of Target and your local Target store down the street, we want to give them to you to give to your grandchildren or whoever you want,” the workers said.

It is worth mentioning that Deborah mentioned that she plans to give the consoles to her grandchildren who live in Chicago and, without a doubt, showed her excitement for this kind of Christmas miracle.

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