Tuesday, January 25

French union lashes out at Ubisoft for its brand-new NFTs system | Levelup

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Proposing the integration of systems for NFT in video games is equivalent to playing with fire and the great possibility of getting burned. As is the case with the volatility of these tokens and their prices, the bet of companies and video game studios can yield bad results and Ubisoft is living it after the announcement and start of operations of Ubisoft Quartz, a proposal from NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies which is being highly criticized by various sectors, one of them a French union.

Not even the Ubisoft workers want the NFTs

In case Ubisoft didn’t need more controversy, the French company had the great idea to bet on NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, generating rejection and criticism from the community. In the midst of this new scandal, the French union Solidaires Informatique Jeu Vidéo, where some Ubisoft Paris workers are, did the same by attacking the video game company and its proposal in a sector that it considers risky and capable of invoking the worst demonstrations and results of “unregulated capitalism”.

The union warned of the risks of NFTs and criticized their use in video games

In this regard, the union is not afraid of expressing itself badly about NFTs calling them “this so-called innovative technology” and much less considering them a “financial value under another name that is reduced to a certificate of ownership that is associated with an abstract monetary value whose quantity it fluctuates in an external market. “

Likewise, the group of workers from France points out the risks of NFTs due to the lack of regulation, pointing to some examples such as: “high-risk mortgages, financial derivatives, crises, speculation, fast trade and money laundering.”

On the other hand, the French union criticized Ubisoft Quartz, the official name of the NFT system, considering it as harmful to the environment due to the excessive energy consumption required to keep a chain of blocks and the servers of a video game in operation at the same time .

Finally, the critic closes by noting that NFTs do not contribute anything to video games and saying: “our players deserve better than a useless, expensive and ecologically mortifying technology that makes them the target of the most deregulated capitalism.”

Thus, the community’s response to Ubisoft Quartz has not been as expected by the company and this has also been seen in the market because although the NFTs of Ghost Recon Breakpoint They are offered in hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are few interested in them and the highest offer has been $ 21 USD.

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