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FILA presents the new and fantastic Dragon Ball Super tennis collection | Levelup

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In just under 40 years of history, Dragon Ball It has expanded from manga to various entertainment media and thousands of official products have been released. Very soon the merchandise will grow with a great collection of sneakers with designs of characters from the series.

You may remember that months ago we informed you that 2 pairs of tennis shoes were revealed at New York Comic Con. Dragon Ball Super that would run on behalf of FILA. Well, on that occasion the design of only 1 pair was presented, but the collection in the end will consist of a total of 7 pairs of tennis shoes, each one with a design inspired by an anime character.

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When will the new tennis collection from Dragon Ball?

Thanks to the collaboration between FILA, Toei Animation and Funimation, 7 tennis shoes will be produced with Original Fitness, F-13 and Renno models with designs of Goku, Goku Black, Vegeta, Golden Freezer, Trunks, Beerus and Super Shenron, so the shoes sneakers will have the colors of these iconic characters.

The pairs will be available for adults (the price varies depending on the model, between $ 75 USD and $ 100 USD) and children (between $ 65 USD and $ 90 USD depending on the model) and will go on sale on December 21 and can be found at Foot Locker , Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports and Footaction in the United States and Canada, according to information from Comic Book.

Then we leave you with a gallery of the collection.

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New FILA × Dragon Ball collection

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