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FIFA 22 for PS5 has never been so cheap, take advantage of the offer! | Levelup

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FIFA 22, the most recent installment of the EA Sports soccer saga, debuted a few months ago and it is likely that, if you like soccer or are a fan of the saga, you are keeping an eye on its next-gen version. If so, you will be glad to know that its edition for PlayStation 5 has never been so cheap.

What happens is that Amazon Mexico is offering FIFA 22 for PlayStation 5 in exchange for $684.49 MXN. It is the lowest price that its next-gen version has had in physical format, so it is a perfect opportunity to buy it and have it in your collection. Especially with the end of the year races on the way.

An important point to keep in mind is that this copy of FIFA 22 It is sold and shipped by Amazon United States. This means that it will arrive a little later than normal. Of course, we recommend you check the estimated delivery date before buying it if you plan to acquire it as a Christmas gift.

You can take advantage of the offer at the following link:

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