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Ferran Torres and Cavani: Xavi’s priority objectives

Ferran Torres and Edinson Cavani They are the two strikers for whom Barcelona is going to turn in the next winter market. Both players have already been contacted and predisposition is very good. The two want a change of scene and will be delighted to wear the Barça shirt from January. So far everything is very nice, but the process will be long and complicated.

Goal by Cavani (1-1) at Villarreal (11) 1-1 (10) Manchester United

Different concepts

From the outset, you have to understand that they are two totally different options. Ferran Torres will come to stay. For Xavi, he is a footballer who can contribute a lot in the coming years because of what he is offered a contract for five seasons and the Barça club is willing to make a strong investment in the transfer. In the case of the Uruguayan, your contribution would be punctual. He comes to solve a problem between now and the end of the season, but it cannot be ruled out that they will give him the most year he is asking for.

To be able to face these two operations, Barcelona needs to open a gap in its squad. The high wage bill it does not allow players to be signed if some do not leave beforehand. For this reason, the first step that the Barcelona Sports Directorate has to take is to get rid of players.

First, the outputs

There is a long list of candidates: Coutinho, Umtiti, Dest, Luuk de Jong… It will not be easy for them to leave. They charge a lot of money and finding their destination is complicated taking into account the crisis that football is experiencing in general. But there is no other choice because if solutions are not found in this regard, neither Ferran Torres, nor Cavani, nor any other will come to Barcelona in the January market.

Cavani: simpler operation

And then there is the agree with the clubs. It seems that with Manchester United there will be no major problems. The Uruguayan is not performing this season at the expected level and avoiding the payment of his token could be enough. Cavani no longer has a major run in the English team. At least for the price of your token.

City never make things easy

The Torres operation with City will not be easy. The English club is asking for 70 million euros and Barcelona does not have it. He has tried to place all his balances, but the response from Manchester has always been negative. They don’t even want Dembl. Therefore, it is only worth cash. To square the player’s file with the transfer price is a complicated task if the City does not lower its claims. Given what happened a year ago with Eric Garcia, it will not be easy for them to do so.

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