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Explicación de Xbox Game Pass Game Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi, Devolver Digital’s samurai action-adventure cinematic game, is coming to Xbox Game Pass, and players are wondering what it’s all about.

E3 2021 showed a great year for gaming, with many highly anticipated titles finally confirmed or scheduled release dates. But among the expected or heavily rumored appearances, there were still plenty of surprises that came as a pleasant surprise to the players. One of these unexpected games was revealed by Devolver Digital. Hike to Yomi. Players were able to catch a glimpse of the magnificent black and white game as the world of feudal Japan came to life in Hike to Yomithe trailer, and it was clear that this title was going to be worth seeing.

With a vague release window of 2022, gamers wondered when they might get their hands on Hike to Yomi, but it seems that there is good news on the horizon. Along with a new trailer for the game, it has been revealed that the atmospheric title will join Xbox Game Pass when it launches, although there is sadly no firm date beyond the release year yet.

A first look at the world of Trek to Yomi

When the game was first revealed, players didn’t have much to go on when they speculated on what. Hike to Yomi could imply. Made by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, the game will feature “stunning camera angles and stunning visuals in the spirit of a classic samurai movie.” Anyone who has seen an Akira Kurosawa film will see the inspirations, although the iconic filmmaker has been an influence on countless other films and projects to date, including other samurai play. Fantasma de Tsushima, which had a full black and white mode dedicated to the legendary creative.

The trailer for the announcement of Hike to Yomi It felt more like a movie trailer than a game, with a focus on striking aesthetics and scenery. As a sample of what the game would look like, it was certainly impressive, and its combination of 3D space and 2D side-scrolling action makes for an interesting combination. Flying Wild Hog also partnered with independent developer Leonard Menchiari to create Hike to Yomi, Another nod to the cinematic qualities of the game, as Menchiari is known for his similar film projects, such as the movie Choose Your Own Adventure. Neo Dusk.

What to expect from Trek to Yomi

With the release of the game’s new trailer, players have been given a deeper look at Hike to Yomi. More aspects of the game’s striking aesthetics were shown, including a masterful play of light and shadow to make the most of the black and white palette. A sequence showing a fight taking place behind a screen with only the shadowed outlines of the fighters visible is reminiscent of bunraku theater and dark sections dotted with flickering torches provide beautifully contrasting visuals. Marcin Kryszpin, Creative Director of Hike to Yomi, has said that the protagonist’s journey “will take many turns: will you choose to honor your vows or will you take the path of revenge?” This suggests the ability of the players to decide what their adventure will be like and how it will take shape.

Players will take control of a young warrior named Hiroki who tries to fulfill a promise made to his dying master after tragedy struck his village. Players will reportedly have to travel beyond life and death to correct mistakes, with a fantastic section towards the end of the most recent game trailer perhaps showcasing this afterlife realm. With a thoughtful and thoroughly researched combat system, players will use a combination of the iconic samurai katana and other equally traditional weapons such as a ranged bow, ozutsu, and bo-shurikens. According to the game’s profile on Steam, players will encounter vicious swordsmen and supernatural beings, whom they will have to face to see Hiroki’s quest to completion.

In addition to thinking about keeping the combat true to the era and as aesthetically pleasing as the setting, the developers have said that in recreating the world of 19th century Japan a lot of care was taken. To reflect the Edo dynasty in which it takes place, the game worked with a historical consultant who specialized in the Japanese language of the 18th century so that Hike to YomiThe dialogue could be as authentic as possible. In addition to this, the score is specifically designed to feel at home on the game stage of feudal Japan from the 1850s, in order to immerse players in the world of Hike to Yomi.

It is empty Hike to Yomi It will be a well-crafted and thoughtful representation of the genre and time period, but beyond these tantalizing details, there is still much that remains shrouded in shadow. But one thing is for sure: players will undoubtedly have a unique and captivating experience.

Hike to Yomi Releases in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.


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