Wednesday, August 17

Epic Games Store offers unlimited coupons of 10 euros discount for three weeks

Epic Games Store returns to the fray with its 10 unlimited coupons so that players can acquire multiple titles at a more than desirable price taking advantage of the offers that will be held this Christmas. That’s right, as they stand out from VGC, the 10 euro discount coupon has certain limitations and is only applicable if the game you want to buy has a price equal to or greater than 14.99 , something that will not come back to those who have taken advantage of discount coupons on previous occasions.

To benefit from this promotion, you simply have to choose a title that meets the requirements that we have highlighted and the coupon of 10 will be applied fully automatically; Epic Games Store has made sure that all users who have an account can take advantage of this offer that lasts three weeks, so you only have to make an account to enjoy it. The best thing about this promotion is that, as we have highlighted at the beginning, coupons are unlimited, so every time you make a purchase transaction you will receive another discount coupon. It should be noted that you may experience some problems on the servers due to the large number of users who will be taking advantage of the promotion during these days.

Varied offers and fifteen free games

The offers are many and of very varied genres, although it is more than likely that you want to take advantage of them to buy some of the most recent games such as Jurassic World Evolution 2, Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6 The Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, you can find these four titles for a approximate price of 40 in the offers without counting the 10 discount that is applied once the game is in your cart. The offers are great, although if you are somewhat fair this vacation remember that currently you can add Shenmue 3 completely free of charge to your library; another 15 free titles are yet to come, although we do not know what they will be.

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