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Epic fail! Streamer accidentally destroys your expensive PC while streaming | Levelup

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Twitch is a place where anything, strange as it may seem, can happen. It is relatively common to see live broadcasts interrupted by funny events or accidents. Certainly what a popular streamer experienced falls into those last 2 categories.

Lukeafkfan is a content creator with 137,606 followers on Twitch. In his live broadcasts he usually reacts to other community videos and occasionally plays Minecraft or any other game. However, during a recent stream he received a curious challenge: playing miniature golf in front of the camera.

What could go wrong?

Without fear, the streamer agreed and quickly took his golf club with the goal of hitting the reindeer that he has in his room as Christmas decorations. After failing the first attempt, he was able to accomplish his goal on the second occasion. Naturally, his community was not satisfied and wanted another challenge.

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Lukeafkfan breaks his computer in full transmission

In this way, the content creator changed the position of the reindeer and set out once more to hit them with the ball. However, his trick would cost him dearly.

While showing off in front of the camera, Lukeafkfan waved his golf club without realizing it would hit the Christmas tree behind him. Wanting to free the club from where it was stuck, he accidentally hit the ball, which sped towards the frame of his bed and finally bounced towards his computer.

Noticing the accident, the content creator started screaming and quickly showed what happened: the golf ball completely shattered the glass panel on his PC seam, which is presumed to be worth $ 3,000 USD. Of course, the viewers of the broadcast were laughing out loud.

You can watch the video below (or in this link if video won’t play):

Lukeafkfan thought at first that the damage was merely superficial. However, as the minutes passed, he began to hear cracking sounds coming from inside the PC. Everything seems to indicate that the damage was severe and you will have to pay for an expensive repair.

But accounts, what do you think of this curious accident? Let us read you in the comments.

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