Thursday, May 19

Dexter: New Blood Finally Answers A Big Season 8 Final Mystery

Episode 5 of New Blood sees the return of a familiar face, helping to reveal one of the biggest unanswered questions from the original Dexter series finale.

Warning: SPOILERS for Dexter: new blood episode 5.

Right handedThe original season 8 finale left a lot of mysteries and questions about The Bay Harbor Butcher, and Dexter: new blood finally gives an answer. Dexter Morgan has been able to hide his true identity for the past decade, eventually settling in Iron Lake as Jim Lindsay. Just when he thinks he can keep his life quiet, Dexter’s long-lost son Harrison Morgan returns with a Dark Passenger, Kurt Caldwell terrorizes the city as a serial killer, and his girlfriend Angela comes into contact with an important figure in his life. Past – Rewind the dark secrets he left behind in Miami.

In the original series finale, Dexter faked his death and changed his identity to start a new life in Oregon, without a proper send-off from his old friends in Miami Metro PD. While it was revealed beforehand that Deb, Trinity, and Harrison would return in Dexter: new blood Along with the main serial killer, Episode 5 revealed a surprise cameo from the original series character Angel Batista. Angel came to New York City to speak at a law enforcement conference on missing persons cases, which Angela was attending. New blood finally gave an update on the beloved original series Right handed character, while also answering a long-standing mystery about the police department’s knowledge of Dexter’s secret identity.

While Angel speaks in New bloodIn the lecture, he mentions that The Bay Harbor Butcher was so difficult to catch and that many were under the impression that he was a police station employee, referencing how James Doakes was blamed for the Dexter murders. Right handed Seasons 7 and 8 proved to be the closest Dexter came to being caught as Miami’s Bay Harbor Butcher, and Maria LaGuerta found out before Deb reluctantly killed her. Right handedThe series finale hinted that Angel, Joey Quinn, and Masuka may have found out that Dexter was the Bay Harbor butcher, but they decided to withhold this information because he had already passed away. The Miami subway knowing Dexter’s secret identity was left ambiguous after the end, but New blood finally confirms that Angel and the department still don’t know anything about The Bay Harbor Butcher.

Speaking at the conference, Angel mentions that The Bay Harbor Butcher was an especially difficult case, with Molly telling Angela that she did an episode about him and that the Miami Subway thought he was a cop. Angel’s speech ends without him declaring who the Butcher was, suggesting that they still believe that all the murders were committed by a suspect, but do not know who. While talking to Angela, Batista remembers Dexter very passively, simply saying that he and Deb Morgan died in a tragic situation while leaving behind a “cute boy“Named Harrison, whose name you actually forget for a few moments. If Batista knew that Dexter was the Bay Harbor butcher, he would not have such an indifferent memory of him, and he would still remember every detail about the prolific serial killer who often claimed to be his best friend.

At the very least, Batista and Quinn know that Dexter purposely groomed and murdered Oliver Saxon in the original series finale. Dexter makes it look like he stabbed Oliver in self-defense, but Batista and Quinn clearly knew this wasn’t true, they just let him go because Saxon just killed Deb, his respective sister, friend, and girlfriend. While Miami Metro has yet to put together the pieces that Dexter is the Bay Harbor butcher, Angela and true crime podcaster Molly Park are fast closing in on revealing his true identity. After a decade of living off the grid, New blood It’s proving that the Iron Lake police will do what the Miami police could never do: identify Dexter as The Bay Harbor Butcher.

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