Thursday, May 26

Detail Plan: Gherkin • Console and Board

Cacahuete Games premieres Gherkin, a pocket card game. Unlike other titles with this label, it does really fit in the palm of your hand. It adopts the portfolio format, with a smaller size compared to the titles of Salt & Pepper Games.

Created by Miguel Bustillo and illustrated by Jose Soto, it invites us to be part of a challenge marked by laughter. From 2 to 30 players, from the age of 8, will shape a chain of syllables of the same word, repeated until someone makes a mistake. Everything seems easy until the effects come into play.

We will whisper, opt for a high pitch and repeat the previous syllable. In the midst of the chaos, we will also have to say any syllable except the one it touches or use a certain vowel. The mistakes are penalized with pickles.

From 11 photographs, we made a game guide. It is used to discover its components and as an aid, to approximate its rules or to remember them. The games have a duration of 15 minutes.


Gherkin is presented as a pocket game, in wallet format.
Game components.
Peanut Pickle
Before we start, we choose a mode. The cards that compose it are left face up and the rest in a deck.
Peanut Games
One of the category cards remains visible. We choose a word for the round (new or the same as in the previous one).
Each player will say one syllable of the word, until completed.
Once it’s said in full, anyone can, during their turn, activate an effect. He will perform the gesture corresponding to the letter, while saying the corresponding syllable.
It leads to repeating a syllable, applying a vowel or jumping someone, among other changes. The effect is applied to the next person who performs the gesture.
board games pocket
The round ends when a participant makes a mistake or takes too long. A card will be taken from the deck, as a penalty
board games wallet
A new round begins. The game ends when the cards are exhausted.
board games wallet
Everyone counts the accumulated pickles on their cards. The one with the least wins. It is also possible to play using the player elimination system.
Gherkin allows you to customize the games, combining the cards to your liking.

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