Tuesday, October 4

Destruction AllStars’ Lucid Games are working on an unannounced triple-A for PS5

Rumors have been heard for some time that Lucid Games, Responsable of Destruction AllStars, are in charge of developing a new installment of Twisted Metal, the violent PlayStation driving game. Neither of the two companies, neither the developer itself nor Sony, have confirmed the existence of this project, but today several users have noticed a change in the LinkedIn profile of one of the Lucid Games workers that could give more veracity to the rumors.

Drew Williams-Rostron, Technical Designer at Lucid Games, has updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect that he has been working on an unannounced project in charge of said company since August of last year. Apparently he is no longer involved in development (at least it seems that he stopped being in October 2021), but he defines it as “an unannounced triple A from a flagship IP for PS5”, something that would fit with the information that speaks of a possible return of the saga Twisted Metal with a new installment for the next generation PlayStation console.

Possible launch in 2023 coinciding with the premiere of the series

Rumors of a possible new game in the series Twisted Metal they have been with us for months and in fact most they point to a possible launch in 2023, coinciding with the premiere of the television adaptation that PlayStation Productions is preparing together with the scriptwriters of Deadpool Y Zombieland, a series in which Anthony Mackie (Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) playing the role of John Doe. It has also been pointed out that David Jaffe, creator of the franchise, not being involved in this supposed new game, something that has angered the author.

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For now, all this information is nothing more than rumors about a possible new Twisted Metal Y Lucid Games still have Destruction AllStars as his best known game, even though it was not entirely well received when it was released in February of this year; In our analysis, in fact, we told you that “it is a fun game that could have been much more“.


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