Tuesday, August 16

A grandmother receives six OLED Switches, tries to return them and the store ends up giving them to her

With the arrival of these lovely Christmas dates, generosity flourishes in all corners of the world; This is demonstrated by this emotional story that has taken place in Arizona, United States, when a grandmother has tried to return stand Nintendo Switch model OLED that had been delivered to him by mistake. Upon realizing the failure, this lady wanted to deliver the surplus to Target, the store where she had bought a single unit, but the store would not allow it and returned all the machines.

When opening the box and seeing it filled to the top of consoles, which would have been the paradise of any nintendero, this lady knew immediately what she had to do: return the five Nintendo Switches that were not ordered. At Target they received the surplus back and realized their mistake, but they also realized that the buyer did not have to have returned the hybrids and wanted to reward her honesty by giving her the six units that had arrived at her house (plus one gift basket with products from the store).

What will I do with those six Switches?

“On behalf of Target and your local Target store just down the street, we want to give them to you to give to your grandchildren or whoever you want,” explain two employees who traveled to Grandma’s home to say hello. News. “From the bottom of our hearts, Target is very proud to do this for you, and we want to thank you“, they end up saying between sobs.

The obviously excited lady thanked the Target employees for the gesture as she posed with her six OLED model Nintendo Switches sitting on her sofa. The video explains that this 68-year-old grandmother he has eight grandchildren in Chicago, so these consoles are already well distributed (although in fact they could use a couple more so as not to cause conflicts between cousins).


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