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VALORANT kills half of its AFK players | Levelup

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AFK players are one of the most common problems in competitive games; However, there is a title that is winning the battle against them and it is called VALORANT.

In a recent post, Riot Games revealed that the number of absent users has dropped by more than 50% in their shooter game. This is due to a series of measures that the study implemented in early 2021, and that it continues to develop going forward.

“In March of this year we made our first foray into a system to find absent players. The simplest version was to search for people who had disconnected from the game or who had been completely inactive for an extended period of time, ”explained Riot.

The next step was to expand the system to locate people who remain active in the game, but not actually participate in the game: those who ruin the experience of their teammates by intentionally trolling. Riot did not say exactly how this process works but did mention that it is highly scalable, which means that it is very easy to find it in the system and take action accordingly.

Ultimately, the company created a ranking system to forgive people who rarely quit the game, and to be tough on those who constantly quit.

As a result, the AFK person rate more than halved during the year: “We see the absent players detected plummet in early 2021. This coincides with the time when we started to implement our improved detection and penalty of the absent players ”, commented the study.

Although things seem to be on the right track, Riot Games said it will continue to work to improve the system and stay in communication with the community. In return, he asked the players to share their questions, opinions and comments to make VALORANT a safer and more fun place.

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