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Usain Bolt confessed that titles like Mario Kart helped him to be champion | Levelup

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We get some very interesting news in relation to the Olympic champion Usain Bolt, since the athlete has just confessed that in addition to hard work, perseverance and never giving up, video games were also fundamental to his success, including Mario Kart.

Usain Bolt talks about his taste for video games

On many occasions, a good title helps us to be reflective, to see things differently and even motivates us to carry out our daily activities. One person who knows very well the benefit of video games is Bolt, who became an 8-time Olympic gold medalist.

And it is precisely he who had a recent interview with the medium BBC, where he stated that there were times when he used his free time, or the breaks between his workouts, to enjoy his passion for games.

Here you can see it:

“I feel like (video games) helped my hunger a bit, I’d say. Always wanting to win. But I feel like, in a way, it helped me a bit with the track and the field, because now when you get on the track, you have the same mentality as when you play video games. You just want to win, ”Bolt said.

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One of the curious moments of the interview is when a reporter from BBC jokingly suggested that Bolt’s success is thanks to Mario Kart, a situation that the athlete responded by saying “it helped, it helped.”

It is worth mentioning that this interview is part of a mobile phone campaign where it is desired to show 4K hologram projection technology that could improve the online gaming experience in the future.

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