Friday, July 1

Twitch Recap 2021 allows you to know your summary of the year on the platform

  • It can also be shared on social media

Twitch joins a trend started by applications such as Spotify or Instagram that show the summary of the year in the application in a personalized way. The ‘Twitch recap 2021’ thus debuts in this trend.

This ‘streaming’ platform has several uses, but the main ones are the broadcasting of video games, the talks of the ‘streamers’ and also sports.

How to use the Twitch recap?

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To know the summary of your year on Twitch, you must first access the email account linked to this platform. Afterwards, you should search your inbox for an email that says: “Twitch 2021 Summary”. When you open it, they all come out the statistics on the platform.

In addition to seeing the time spent on this platform, you can also post and share on social media.

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