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The sadness! Fan draws Hollow Knight: Silksong for every day without revelation | Levelup

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Where is it Hollow Knight: Silksong? That is the question that many fans continue to ask themselves every day and it has become common that at events dedicated to the presentation of indie projects, like the one Nintendo did today, this installment is finally revealed. Unfortunately, Team Cherry is still working on the title but no more details or its release date are known yet. Of course, the melancholic atmosphere of the franchise lends itself to these kinds of moments and a fan expresses their pain in a curious way.

When will you arrive, Hollow Knight: Silksong? When?

Since it became known about the existence of Hollow Knight: Silksong, the reddit of Hollow Knight registers more activity every time there is an indie event as fans are waiting for the long-awaited announcement. However, time has passed and there has been nothing from Team Cherry about what will be the new adventure starring Hornet and while some regret this and others complain, a fan named WeeblesJeebles does the same by sharing drawings inspired by the franchise like the following:

The detail in question is that, yes, it is about drawing 684 that he has made every day since it was confirmed that Hollow Knight: Silksong was in development and would be the sequel to the hit 2017 game, considered one of the best metroidvania in recent years.

Hollow Knight: Silksong It is in development and its launch is scheduled for Nintendo Switch and PC, in this link you will find all the related information.

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