Wednesday, July 6

The reasons why Real Madrid cannot ask for the postponement




Real Madrid will not request a postponement some despite the appearance of six positives among the footballers of his first team. Are 25 the chips that the white club has, plus those of the first subsidiary to be able to meet the following commitments. The rule marks that as long as a club has 13 chips of footballers of the first team to be able to play, nor there is the possibility of postponement of any game

In any case, the leaders of the Real Madrid do not consider requesting any measure grace or anything like that. They trust the squad and the contribution of the youngest, that is, the Madrid youth squad to face the games against Cdiz and Athletic.

What was a threat on Wednesday night with the positives of Marcelo and Modric has become a reality with the appearance of other four positives for COVID in the Real Madrid squad.

Lunin, Asensio, Bale and Rodrygo join the list of casualties caused by the pandemic for the next matches of the Real Madrid, starting with the Cdiz next Sunday.

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