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The Halo TV series will not be canon; will have its own timeline | Levelup

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Halo It is a franchise that originated as a video game, but has managed to expand to other media, such as TV series, books, comics and more, which have enriched the fictional universe. Perhaps many hope that the new series brings events to the history of the series, but the truth is that it will tell its story separately.

This was confirmed by executive producer Kiki Wolfkill, who was present in an interview shared by Twitter user Halopedia. In the clip, Wolfkill revealed that the upcoming TV series of Halo will not be part of the main timeline of HaloInstead, it will follow a completely new alternative that the production company referred to as the Halo Silver Timeline or Halo Silver Timeline. In other words, the new series of Halo it will not be canon.

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Why the series of Halo won’t it be canon?

According to the producer, this decision was made in order to differentiate between the 2 timelines of Halo and at the same time “protect the main timeline and television story.”

Thanks to this, according to Wolfkill, the creative team will be able to have freedom in narrative terms, since they will have the opportunity to “evolve” both universes and make them what they should be without colliding with each other.

In case you missed it: Wolfkill believes that the series of Halo will not satisfy all fans for this reason.

This move may also help fans take the upcoming production as something separate and not so tied to the games, so they should not be surprised if the creative team takes some liberties with respect to the history and universe of the franchise.

This is not uncommon in video game-based productions. We remind you that something similar will happen with the movie of Uncharted, for which it was decided to present original events with references to the games, but without changing the main characters.

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The series of Halo It will debut sometime in 2022 at Paramount. You can find more news related to this franchise if you visit this page.

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