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Soulja Boy Banned from Twitch and Threatens Racism Lawsuit | Levelup

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Soulja Boy, an American rapper and producer, has tried to break into the video game industry on several occasions. However, his projects have not been as successful as expected for good reasons.

In case you don’t remember, the musician has released several consoles, but all of them have been clone systems full of piracy. Soulja Boy is back in the headlines, but this time because of a recent problem he had with Twitch.

The rapper was banned from the Amazon platform on December 10. Through his social networks, Soulja Boy reported that Twitch never explained the reason for the punishment or when it will end. For this reason, he exploited and threatened to sue the platform for alleged racism

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Soulja Boy threatens to sue Twitch for recent ban

The rapper was banned from Twitch last week, but his punishment was lifted in no time.However, a few hours later, Soulja Boy was once again suspended from the platform and, as of this writing, he is still unable to stream.

Because of this, he used his Twitter account to lash out at Twitch. Soulja Boy claims that the platform banned him without any proof or explanation, so he will plan a lawsuit if his account is not returned.

“I can’t believe Twitch can just ban you without any proof or explanation. This doesn’t feel right. I have to sue these people, ”the musician wrote.

He also singled out Twitch for allegedly being a racist platform. The rapper claimed that he has millions of dollars and that he will use what it takes to do something about it. With this, Soulja Boy joins Dr Disrespect, who also plans a lawsuit since he was permanently banned and without explanation.

“I need the best lawyer money can buy. Write to me, I have millions. I want to sue Twitch. I feel that [son] racists. I get banned without [ninguna] Explanation. I will not tolerate this, “added the rapper.

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