Wednesday, July 6

Sonic Colors: Ultimate receives an update that adds new content and various adjustments

Sonic Colours: Ultimate, the remastered version of one of the most acclaimed 3D platformer titles of Sega’s Blue Hedgehog, gets a major new update that add new content and fix some common issues to improve the gaming experience. The title was mostly well received by the players, although the Nintendo Switch version was the one that took the most hits due to its multiple bugs that tarnished the experience; The PS4, Xbox One and PC versions were also not spared from certain bugs like crasheos o bugs grficos.

The update includes the Celebration Pack, which is packed with free customizable content for Sonic: Burst Shoes, Burst Gloves, Fireworks Enhancer, and Fireworks Aura. One of the most striking features of this review developed by Blind Squirrel Entertainment was the inclusion of a system to customize Sonic’s appearance, from his shoes and gloves to different effects, making it a more than welcome addition. On the other hand, within the quality of life improvements we find the demanded possibility of alternating between remixes from the original soundtrack and melodies.

Performance improvements and effects, especially on Switch

The patch also includes the ability to activate or deactivate the blur effect in full screen at will, in addition to browsing with Tails. The cinematics of the story can be seen in full screen from the options satellite and the visibility has also been improved when we make use of the abilities of the Wisp Cyan. As if all these improvements weren’t enough, general tweaks have also been applied to optimize the gaming experience on all platforms. Game stability has been improved and the attack speeds of some enemies have been updated, as well as the functionality of the dash of the Green Hover Wisp ring and the visualization of the visual effects of the Big Chaser attacks (specifically in the version for the hybrid of Nintendo).

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