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So little? The Ghost Recon NFTs do not generate interest in the market | Levelup

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The fever for NFTs is taking video games by surprise and in recent days attention, and criticism, focused on proposals such as Ubisoft Quartz, a system that seeks to integrate this type of digital content into the French company’s video games. Beyond the negative reception that the news had, it was thought that it would be an option to demonstrate that there is potential for economic and business benefits, but in the case of Ghost Recon it’s not like that.

NFT: not all that glitters is gold

The controversial presentation of Ubisoft Quartz was followed by the launch of the first corresponding NFTs with Ghost Recon, specifically 2000 skins for weapons. Well, in the framework of the start of this initiative, a report by Stephen Totilo, journalist from Axios, revealed that although the delivery of these items was free, some holders did not take long to put them up for sale in the online trading scene that operates through the use of cryptocurrencies.

On the supply side, everything seems to be honey on flakes, because these NFT skins from Ghost Recon They are sold at prices ranging from $ 634 to $ 423,000, after all anyone can sell anything at the price that comes to mind.

Unfortunately, on the other side, the demand, a huge wall of reality has been raised because according to Totilo the highest offer for these NFTs is $ 21 USD, so that at this moment, the cryptocurrency scene is only interested in paying a couple of tens of dollars for these items, demonstrating all the speculation surrounding these initiatives.

NFTs in video games represent a controversial step with uncertain outcome

The disclosure of this information has sparked a debate about how volatile the nascent NFT market is becoming. Some consider that the lack of interest in the skins of Ghost Recon it is related to the passage of the best moment of the game so there is no hype that adds to speculation. On the other hand, some wonder what will happen if there are NFTs of very successful franchises worldwide, because in this case the result could be very different from what happens with Ubisoft’s proposal.

Taking the step towards the integration of NFT in video games is not easy at this time and an example of this is the announcement of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 It will have a metaverse with NFT available for the user to have their digital version in the world of this game, news that has been badly received by those who were eagerly awaiting this delivery and that has sown doubts about its post-launch strategy.

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