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Silent Hill creator loved Hideo Kojima’s PT: “it’s a legendary game” | Levelup

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Hideo Kojima’s passage through the horror genre left an indelible mark. Despite this, there are detractors of the creative who demerit the achievement and who consider that it was not so bad. Well, the creator of Silent Hill He is not one of them, because not only did he like the turn it gave to the franchise, but he also recognized the project as something “legendary.”

Keiichiro Toyama in recent days gave a lot to talk about after his studio revealed the first trailer for his first game, Slitterhead, which will be a mix of adventure, action and horror.

The creative head of the studio, an icon in the horror genre to be created Silent Hill, appeared in an interview with Video Games Chronicle and in it he was asked about which genre creative he admires or what he feels stands out and the person he spoke about is Hideo Kojima through his great work P.T..

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Keiichiro Toyama considera que P.T. it’s a legendary game

Toyama’s response was very interesting, as he recognized that Kojima Productions’ work was “fantastic”, since it set the standard in the modern horror genre and many indies followed this style. Therefore, the developer believes that it is “a legendary game”, something that is extremely important, as we remember that it is only a demo of what it would be. Silent Hills, a title that Konami canceled without giving reasons.

“It goes without saying that P.T. [de Hideo Kojima] it was fantastic. It set a new standard, which VR games later followed [realidad virtual] horror, and I think it’s a legendary game, “commented Toyama.

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Additionally, Toyama made mention of Devotion, an indie title from Red Candle Games that garnered attention following a ban for an element of the game and that presents haunting horror through environments that appear to have been frozen in time.

“As for more recent games, I think Devotion it was very good. The exotic of the different cultures makes me feel nostalgic, at the same time that I fear the unknown “, expressed the creative.

What do you think of Toyama’s statements? Do you share the opinion of the creative? Tell us in the comments.

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