Saturday, June 25

Reverie Knights Tactics confirms its physical edition • Console and Dashboard

Reverie Knights Tactics It will have a physical edition on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as confirmed by Meridiem Games, responsible for distribution in Spain. There is no specific release date at the moment.


This proposal is defined as a two-dimensional tactical role-playing game, with turn-based battles and an isometric perspective. Strategy is linked to decision making, capable of altering the course of the story and the fate of the characters.

We will be part of an expedition, in search of Lennorien, a lost city. The objective is to rescue our loved ones, which will mean seeing our faces against a goblin threat that has already spread chaos and terror throughout the territory.

We will lead our heroes, with their abilities and skills, through epic and interactive scenarios. The manufacture of objects and accessories is not lacking, with the treasure collected along the way. They will work to your advantage in your own character setup. The art is drawn by hand.

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