Wednesday, August 10

One mistake makes crypto investors think they’ve gotten rich

  • A CoinMarketCap technical problem multiplied the value of the ‘tokens’

“How is it feel billionaire for a couple of hours? “has tweeted the account of CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency price monitoring application that is used to see in real time the price, statistics, percentages and information of the virtual currencies.

The answer to the question will surely be the users of the ‘app’ who entered on Tuesday, December 14 to see how their investments were going. And is that an error in the variation of the ‘tokens’ (virtual currency) made customers believe they were rich. According Be In Crypto, many cryptocurrencies experienced growths of more than 1,000,000,000%

The price change of these coins on the screens was caused by “pricing issues“in the price, as explained by the organization on Twitter. Therefore, what the virtual wallets showed was not real.

Anyway, as the specialized blog collects Gizmodo, it is not clear if it is a security incident or just a technical problem that has disappointed a few. On the same day of the incident, the company confirmed that it had been able to solve the problem and that the operations were already being processed normally.

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Different currencies saw their value multiplied. For example, him Etherum, which costs around $ 3,800 per ‘token’, reached more than 500,000 million. For its part, Bitcoin reached the $ 789,000 per coin.

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