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Nightmare Cathedral, a tour of your system • Console and Dashboard

Board & Dice specifies the details around Nightmare Cathedral, board game he works on. It involves a walk through its theme and its system, a few months after starting the financing search campaign that it has planned.


Nightmare Cathedral will be coming to Gamefound during the last week of March, seeking community support. At the moment, almost 4,000 people follow the project.

As a way of promoting it, the publisher will give away a special nightmare miniature to those who subscribe to the newsletter related to the game. Specifically, it will be added to the reward acquired, receiving the game and this extra if it is financed.

We are facing a competitive board game that revolves around the work of Zdzisław Beksiński, Polish artist. One of the best-known painters in Poland, he offered what to many would be “gruesome visions of nightmares,” as Board & Dice puts it. For others, they were a source of inspiration, as visions of an alternate world that no one would want to visit.

Steeped in his paintings, Błażej Kubacki creates a board game of conquest. Not only does he resort to his art in the aesthetic section, but the mechanics are an interpretation of it.

We will move through a dystopian world, full of dream visions. We will explore mysterious landscapes, while we extend our influence through the territory. Taking control of the land of dreams and nightmares will involve a constant struggle.

Victory, on the path to domination, will come by following the dream cards. We will obtain points along the way of the ritual, necessary to win the game. As the publisher explains, it will resort to a single action system with which to plan the steps.

The greatest danger will not be long in coming. As the cathedral begins to rise in the middle of the board, the physical manifestations of nightmares will unleash chaos. To control destiny and the world itself, we will need to dodge them or gain temporary power over them.

This combination of miniatures, cards and the board can be enjoyed between 1 and 4 players. The idea is to offer some simple and direct rules, halfway between a classic ‘euro’ and an adventure game.

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