Sunday, January 23

Minecraft player creates functional Optimus Prime transformer

Of all the weird crossovers Transformers have made this year, somehow Minecraft just wasn’t one of them. We’ve seen Transformers arrive in World of Warships even though very few of them are ships (and none of them appeared at the event) and we’ve seen Transformers in the world of Smite, which makes even less sense. As much as he would like to think otherwise, Megatron was never a god.

Now, thanks to the Reddit user. gold fractureWe finally have Optimus Prime in Minecraft. Unofficially, of course, Hasbro hasn’t made any announcements and neither has Microsoft, but surely after the unveiling of this masterpiece, it’s only a matter of time.

Using Minecraft’s creator mode, goldfracture was not only able to create Optimus in both robot and large rig form, but also managed to make Optimus transform between the two modes. This is likely to be done using the clone command to create each step of the transformation. You can enter Optimus in his vehicular form, but in robot form, there is no door.

Unfortunately there is no sound either. The characteristic electronic screeching sound of Transformers going from walky-walky to drive-and-drive is not something that can be easily programmed into Minecraft, which instead only delivers the usual “plunk” noise of blocks being place.

There is at least a reference to this iconic TikTok video in the goldfracture post, and many users have been able to approximate transformation sounds using text.

If that’s not enough Minecraft fun for today, here’s a Minecraft streamer who lost his game of 4,137 hours live in front of the camera. He had accidentally equipped a chest plate instead of wings, causing the character to take a long journey to a deep quarry with a short, violent stop at the end.

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