Thursday, June 30

LG’s new OLED Evo TV hides when you turn it off

LG introduces a new version of its OLED Evo TV that features a premium design that allows the TV to blend in with its surroundings.

Lg’s The new 65-inch OLED TV is a roll-up TV that hides away when not in use and blends in with surrounding furniture. TV enthusiasts will already know that the company’s OLED TVs are some of the best money can buy. These TVs offer high contrast with deep blacks, great dynamic range, high frame rates for gaming, and wide viewing angles.

OLED technology also provides manufacturers with additional flexibility, as despite the typically expensive price, these displays can be technically folded and rolled. For example, LG offers a range of (very expensive) rollable OLED TVs that can be hidden when not in use or hide the widescreen format by rolling only part of the TV.

Now LG wants to take the idea of ​​a rollable TV one step further. The company is presenting a new version of your 65-inch OLED Evo TV, as part of your Collection of objects. The new version adopts a more elegant and high-end design, since instead of sitting on a TV stand, the TV has an ultra-thin motorized cover. LG says customers will be able to place the TV and the cover on a wall, or simply have it propped against the wall. The cover itself is made from a high-end fabric from the Danish textile brand Kvadrat. It is meant to look like a painting or other work of art when not in use. Despite its slim profile, the built-in TV speakers can still draw an impressive 80 watts of power. The TV is scheduled to launch on December 15 in South Korea for 9.9 million won, or approximately $ 8,400, and will be available in three colors: beige, redwood, and green. Customers will be able to purchase additional deck colors separately.

Premium pricing for premium features

It’s a nifty concept, but a TV leaning against a wall instead of standing or bolted to a wall raises some stability issues. In reality, it’s probably more of a design-centric purchase than a functional one, despite having a large OLED panel attached. LG says your new TV is, “It reminds a gallery where works of art are placed, it makes the space even more beautiful” (translated), highlighting how it is primarily designed to look good and blend in with whatever room it is placed in.

LG’s newest Evo TV model joins the rest of the company’s fantastic line of televisions. While OLED TV panels are great, they do have a few downsides, such as burning and the inability to be as bright as traditional LCD panels. However, these are often compromises buyers are willing to make in order to reap the benefits associated with a LG TV OLED.

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