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Legacy, Peter Molyneux’s crypto game, has already sold more than 47 million euros in NFT

We recently told you that Peter Molyneux, well-known video game designer responsible for works such as Fable The Black & White, has redesigned the project in which it has been working since 2019 to orient it towards NFT, the controversial technology of sale of virtual objects through the blockchain. Following the announcement of this new project, 22cans and Gala Games have put the first NFTs of Legacy in the form of digital terrains where players can create their own crafting empire.

London, the most expensive virtual plot of Legacy

As we can read in Rock Paper Shotgun, Legacy’s first batch of NFT, which will have its own cryptocurrency (LegacyCoin), has already exceeded 40 million pounds, about 53 million US dollars and € 47 million if we make the change in Spain. As the game is not available, and will not be until 2022, what is being sold at the moment are virtual plots in which players are supposed to be able to establish their own businesses, factories and workshops. In these spaces, items can be created to sell to other players and recover the investment, and it could even be commercialized with the land and buildings that we have, although that is not possible at the moment as the video game does not exist.

The plots of Legacy They are inspired by real UK locations and divided by rarity level. The most expensive of all is London, a city in which both Molyneux himself and his studio, 22cans, have their home. This NFT, which will be unique and give special advantages to its holder, has already been acquired by a person who has paid 789.000 euros for this piece of virtual land.


“Establish your own business and grow it into a mega corporation through the power of your creativity, the superiority of your business prowess, and the strength of your competitive nature!” Legacy in its official page, where the game is also defined as a “blockchain business sim“and your arrival is confirmed next year for PC and Mac.

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