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Justly! Miyazaki suffers and that is why he makes players suffer in Dark Souls | Levelup

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In video games there are always options for all kinds of tastes and many of us suffer why we want with those games whose difficulty has become a legend because they have angered and frustrated us. However, this also represents a challenge to overcome and if it is achieved the result is very satisfactory. In the last decade, one of the franchises that has prided itself on its difficulty is Dark Souls and sometimes one wonders what causes so much suffering and this has its origin in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s liking to see us, and see himself, in that state.

Hidetaka Miyazaki thinks of the worst punishments and pain for his characters when making games

A note from The Gamer shared the translation made by the user of a Twitter account of an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, genius responsible for Dark Souls, where he talks about the difficulty of his deliveries and the pleasure of seeing the players suffer. In that sense, the FromSoftware creative revealed that neither he, nor the development team, are with a big smile thinking about the anger, frustration and suffering of the players, but that they take it very seriously because this happens from a perspective so strange.

What happens is that Miyazaki defines himself as a masochist, someone who likes to feel pain and punishment (we do not know if only in video games or also in real life) and pointed out that when he makes a game like Dark Souls think about the different ways you would like your character to suffer and die.

The hardest moments of Dark Souls are created from Miyazaki’s perspective

According to Miyazaki, when he finds a suitable way for his character to die he decides that that will be the way it will take place in the game. In this regard, the Japanese creative recognizes: “it is something that people will not understand, it is something for my own pleasure.”

Finally, Miyazaki mentioned that this perspective of punishment and self-pain is personal, since he cannot speak for his colleagues in the development team, but in the case of the hardest moments in Dark Souls we can be sure that it is about him sharing this part of the creative process: “I do not do it from a sadistic perspective, but a masochist, what he wants to happen to me [en el videojuego]”.

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