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How to change the background in Webex

Webex is a video conferencing service that is still as popular today as it was when it was founded in 1995. It may not be the most famous of these services, but knowing how to use it won’t hurt.

One thing that it originally lacked is the ability to use virtual funds. But in this article, you will learn how to set up a virtual background when using Webex. You will also discover how to do this on both computers and mobile devices. Lastly, we’ll also answer some of your burning questions about Webex features.

Webex did not initially have this feature for its video conferencing services. This made the app lag behind other competitors in popularity. However, in 2020, Cisco introduced an update that finally allowed users to change their backgrounds during video conferences and meetings.

Today, you just need to have Webex installed on your device. Some device requirements are also needed.

Device requirements for changing funds

Not all computers or mobile devices can use the virtual background feature. Virtual funds require more power from your CPU, which can put pressure on your hardware. Therefore, less powerful devices will not display the options during a video conference call.

How to use a virtual background in Webex

You must have Webex installed on your device and updated to the latest version. If not, we recommend that you do so now. After this, you can start using a background during a conference call.

On the desk

First, we will look at the use of the virtual background on a computer. The steps apply to both Windows and Mac, so users of either can read on.

The steps on a computer are:

  1. Before joining a meeting, start Webex.
  2. Look for the “Change Background” option in the upper left or right corner of the screen.
    • On Windows, it’s on the left, and Mac users should look to the right-hand corner.
  3. Select the image or “Blur” option as desired.
  4. Select “Apply” to save your settings.
  5. Join a meeting with your new virtual fund.

During a meeting, you can also change your virtual background. That’s how:

  1. Go to the top left or right of the screen during a meeting.
  2. Select “Audio and Video.”
  3. Go to “Camera” and then “Change Virtual Background”.
  4. Switch to a new virtual background.
  5. Apply the changes.
  6. Continue with the meeting.

On desktop, these steps only work in Webex Meetings and the Webex Unified App. Webex Training does not support the feature at all.

We also recommend that you select an image size 1280 x 720 pixels or larger. Properly sized images will allow Webex to fit the image to your virtual background. Any smaller or poorly formed photos will result in an unnatural background.

Your Webex site administrator must also allow you to use a virtual background. If you know that your device is supported and yet the option does not appear, the feature is probably disabled. Ask your administrator for the right to use it if this is the case.

On Android and iPhone

On mobile devices, users can only change their funds after joining a meeting. Due to this requirement, we recommend that you join a meeting without first enabling your video. Doing so will give you plenty of time to set up your virtual background.

Here’s how to change your background on mobile devices:

  1. Launch Webex on your mobile device.
  2. Join a meeting with the camera disabled for now.
  3. Select “Video.”
  4. Select “Virtual Background.”
  5. Choose an image or the Blur option.
  6. Apply settings.
  7. Enable your camera.
  8. Continue with your meeting.

This feature is relatively new compared to using a virtual background on computers. There may be more errors, so you will need to be careful.

Like Webex on a desktop, you need permission to use a virtual background. The option will not appear on your compatible device if the feature is disabled.

Tips to distinguish yourself from your environment

Virtual back-end technology isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s still great for meetings. There are a few ways to avoid blending in with your surroundings. It’s mainly about colors and lighting.

Your room should be well lit, as Webex needs enough light to distinguish itself from the background. Darker rooms tend to make it appear to blend in with the surroundings. Turn on some lights and lamps.

Professional conference call lights are available for purchase. These emit a bright, uniform glow to help your camera capture the surroundings. These work for both computers and mobile devices.

The clothes you wear also matter when you use a virtual background. Since the goal of the app is to remove the colors behind you, do not wear clothing the same or similar color as your wall or background. To your co-workers and your boss, you will appear as a disembodied head floating in the air. So if your clothes match the background, we recommend that you change to another.

Moving objects will also disrupt the illusion of your virtual background. If you live with other people, ask them not to walk behind you during the meeting. This way, you will have the perfect background for your meetings.

Additional FAQs

How to use a webaround in Webex?

A Webaround is a portable greenscreen that attaches to your chair and features a uniform, solid-colored background. It can be folded into a small package and fit in any travel bag. If you are not a fan of large green screens, you should consider buying one for yourself.

This is how you will use a Webaround with Webex:

1. Set up the Webaround by placing it on your chair.

2. Make sure it is properly connected before sitting down.

3. Inicie Webex.

4. Find the option “Change Background” in the upper left or right corner of the screen.

a. On Windows, it’s on the left, and Mac users should look to the right-hand corner.

5. Select the image or “Blur” option you want.

6. Select “Apply” to save your settings.

7. Join a meeting with your new virtual fund.

And there you have it. It’s simple, as the solid green color will allow for a better quality virtual background during your meetings. Of course, you should avoid using the color green as it will start to fade.

Does Webex have a chroma key feature?

Webex does not have this feature built in for its users. To use a chroma key with your green screen, you will have to use other software.

Are you at the beach?

Webex’s virtual background feature is a great way to allow home workers to maintain some privacy or appear to be in an interesting location. Now that you know how to set it up, you can impress your co-workers with these tech skills. They will ask you how to do it themselves.

What is your preferred virtual fund? Do you have a green screen at home? Let us know in the comment section.

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