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How BDSP could connect to Sword and Shield through a third DLC

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl could connect to Sword and Shield with a third DLC update, connecting the Galar and Sinnoh regions.

Those who were comfortable with Pokémon sword and shieldModern mechanics and narrative can find the general experience of Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon disappointing, but this could be fixed with a third DLC expansion for the previous game. Using top-down camera angles, chibi graphics, and a narrative that is almost line-by-line just like the original Diamond and pearl games, BDSP It can occasionally induce a dry feeling of deja vu, especially for longtime fans of the series. However, a third DLC expansion for Sword and shield would allow players to access the benefits of both games through shared content.

Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl Cut down on the gameplay that has become a staple of recent games in the series. Meanwhile Come on Pikachu and Eevee Y Pokémon Sword and Shield include spawns of wild Pokémon in the world, this is only present in BDSPGreat underground hiding places. BDSP It has also reduced the customization of the player characters, reducing the customization to default styles that check the entire appearance of the character at once. While these decisions may have been made to keep the remakes as close to the original games as possible, they are frustrating restrictions that remove popular modern changes.

However, small mechanical changes aren’t the only thing missing from Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl. Unlike previous revamps of the main series games, the Sinnoh remakes have omitted major improvements to battle mechanics such as Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, and Dynamax / Gigantamaxing. In 2014, the Ruby and sapphire remakes Omega Ruby y Alpha Sapphire implemented major changes to include popular mechanics from Pokemon X and Y, which were released shortly before. This included enhanced NPC stories, altered villain stories, and the introduction of Pokémon Mega Evolutions in the Hoenn region. These improvements made Omega Ruby y Alpha Sapphire more than just copies of previous games with better graphics and offered players, both old and new, an engaging and satisfying gameplay. The lack of shared mechanics between BDSP Y Sword and shield it makes games feel out of sync, as well as limiting the overall content of Sinnoh remakes.

Sword & Shield could connect to BDSP via Crown Tundra

While both games are unlikely to be able to combine their entire regions due to size requirements and differences in graphics and gameplay, it might be possible to connect the games via a single location. For example, a DLC addition for Crown Tundra could allow players to unlock a new location where they could find a statue of the mythical Pokémon Arceus, which is referenced in BDSP. If there is a save file for anyone Shiny diamond or shiny pearl On the player’s Switch, they could participate in a puzzle to make Arceus appear. Arceus could then transport the player to a Sword and shield I imagined the City Home of BDSP, where they could enter Super Contests and purchase specific Sinnoh fashion items.

A corresponding free update is also possible for Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl could come with this kind of DLC, and once the games are connected, both Galar’s Pokémon and Galar’s exclusive forms could start to appear in the Sinnoh region. This could make it possible to get Galar’s starter Pokémon, as well as powerful Dark and Fairy types like Obstagoon and Alcremie in BDSP. Additionally, it could allow players to compete against Galar’s NPCs during Super Contests in both games. This would be especially fun with characters like Sword and shieldPiers, former leader of Dark Gym, who is a musician in the Galar region.

New BDSP DLC Could Expand Both Sinnoh And Galar

Another way that Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl could connect to Sword and shield It is through the introduction of a battle island. Both games would receive a paid DLC that would add a new location on the island that could be accessed by ferry. The Battle Island would match the art style of the game being played, requiring players to purchase the expansion as a one-time DLC for any of the titles, and would allow players to connect across the world to battle each other or swap both games. This could also offer a solo battle arena area where players could take on NPCs from both games for prizes, similar to the Battle Tower challenges.

Because Sword and shield have a National Pokédex larger than Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl, the DLC would come with an update to the Battle Island Pokédex to make both Pokédexes the same. This would allow players to swap for missing Pokémon in BDSP, but do not add them to the generation rates in the Great Subway and on the routes. The DLC would also add a handful of lost Pokémon to Sword and shield such as Houndour and Cyndaquil, which would register in DLC-specific Pokedex tabs similar to The island of armor Y The crown tundra. The battle island could also contain various patches of grass with rotating spawns determined by weather and date. This would allow players of either game to catch their missing Pokémon, rather than relying entirely on trades.

It might also be possible to have a third DLC for Sword and shield that connects Galar with Sinnoh, but that doesn’t affect Brilliant diamond and brilliant pearl. The DLC could expand Wyndon City, adding Super Contest rooms, Poffins, and Contest outfits in Galar’s post-game. Very similar Crown tundraGalarian Star Tournament, Super Contests could crash behind the completion of the main stories and previous DLC, acting as another way to extend post-game content. Sinnoh NPCs might be present in the room to guide the player through the contests, as well as NPCs from the Galar region who might have new dialogues and interactions with the player depending on their status in Super Contests.

Like cooking curries, making Poffin could also be more complex, allowing players to add other ingredients. Curry’s mechanics could also be tweaked to affect Pokémon conditions, allowing players multiple ways to get their teams to compete. While Pokémon Espada & Armor‘s Galar is very different from the Sinnoh region in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl PokémonSeeing the overlap of the culture and mechanics of each region in different games helps to keep the world connected and diversify the game available.

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