Wednesday, August 10

Hogwarts Legacy could have multiplayer and would be released in the second half of 2022

Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated title developed by Avalanche Software set in the universe of magic and fantasy of Harry Potter, may have multiplayer modes and will be released during the second half of 2022 according to a new rumor reported by Wccftech. The game, which did not have the participation of JK Rowling, was one of the great absences during E3 2021 and it is believed that it could be shown again in the next State of Play of PlayStation. Its launch was originally planned for 2021, although it was delayed at the beginning of the year to give the team time to polish certain aspects.

According to the leaker known as AccNGT, who provided advance information on Star Wars Eclipse by Quantic Dream ahead of its official announcement at The Game Awards 2021, the release window of Hogwarts Legacy is set for the second half of the year 2022. Apparently, its creators are currently focused on writing some minor parts of the title, so the main story should already be established. On the other hand, the same source ensures that the game will feature multiplayer functionalities, although there is a possibility that these will arrive through a post-launch update. Don’t let the alarms go off, as the leaker doesn’t think the title is about a game as a service, a controversial model.

The controversy around JK Rowling and her transphobia

JK Rowling is a public figure who has generated some controversy in recent years for her offensive comments towards the trans community. Regarding this issue, Warner Bros. showed its support for the writer stating that “You have the right to express your opinion”, although as we have highlighted at the beginning of the news Rowling does not play any role in the development of the game. Related to this point, it should be noted that Hogwarts Legacy allows the creation of trans characters, in such a way that our character is customizable to the point that we can choose their appearance, voice and pronouns separately.

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