Sunday, December 4

‘Hawkeye’ Easter Eggs: 5 Things You Might Have Missed In Episode 5

This week’s episode revealed that Eleanor Bishop is involved in some shady stuff. She knows how to hire a Black Widow assassin to begin with! And yes, he does date the Kingpin. I think it’s time we talked about who Eleanor Bishop is in the comics. Should we have seen this twist coming all along?

I mean: yes. So in the comics, it was Kate’s mother, not her father, who mysteriously died when she was young. But it was revealed in 2018 Hawkeye series in which Eleanor’s husband Derek actually killed her when he found out about her illegal activities. And then Hawkeye # 16 that Kate Bishop was, in fact, alive and in league with Madame Masque, her arch nemesis of Kate. Eleanor’s story continued in 2018. West coast avengers series, where it was further revealed that Eleanor Bishop became a vampire at some point while she was MIA.So, in the comics, Kate’s father is alive and he’s a criminal, and Kate’s mother is not dead and is frequently allied with criminals.

So yeah, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to all die-hard Kate Bishop fans.

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