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Halo Infinite receives new challenges and improvements in the progression system | Levelup

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Although the community of Halo Infinite still struggling to progress in the battle pass, 343 Industries has not stood idly by. The studio is working to resolve the gambling problems as soon as possible.

Recently, the developers released an update that improves the progression and challenge systems, so it will not be so heavy to meet all the objectives.

“In general, we completely removed various specific challenges from certain modes and activities, lowered their requirements, and / or reduced their weight across the entire challenge set,” 343 said.

“In addition, we increase the weight of the general challenges,” he added. “We know that not being able to choose a mode that matches a specific challenge can be frustrating, and today’s changes should help reduce some of that friction in the short term, while the long-term work continues.”

In addition, there will be new types of challenges available in each playlist:

  • Personal score: get personal score on the specified list
  • Eliminations – Get the required amount of kills on a specific list
  • Double Kills – Get Double Kills on a specific list
  • Complete games: play / complete games on a specific list
  • Win – Win games on a specific list

These simple challenges should give players an easier way to level up in the battle pass, while also ensuring that each type of player has ways to earn experience points, whether playing casually or competitively.

343 will also add event challenges more frequently, especially with Fracture: Tenrai and other upcoming events. In other words, there will still be a limited number of challenges each week, but the most active players will progress faster.

Fracture: Tenrai will return to Halo Infinite January 4. It will be interesting to see if the studio will be able to add further enhancements by then.

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