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GTA Online: The Contract with Franklin Clinton, station with Rosalía and more news

You are ready to live a new adventure in Grand Theft Auto V? From Rockstar they announce that it is now available The Contract, a completely new story for GTA Online where the protagonist will be Franklin Clinton: he is one of the main characters of GTA V, and this time the players will have to help him and his friends to a celebrity management agency. Can be downloaded free for owners of Grand Theft Auto V. This week we will also receive Double GTA $ & RP on Transform Races, Herbicide and Welcome Committee; Rosala’s station and many more special bonuses.

GTA Online: The Contract Now available

GTA Online: The Contract invites us to join forces with Franklin Clinton, protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V and that now comes as mandams of F. Clinton & Partner. We talk about a “celebrity solutions agency” dedicated to “protecting” the image of Los Santos’ bigwigs.

If we partner with Franklin’s agency, that will open the doors for us to work with other well-loved characters as well: Lamar DavisFranklin’s old friend is part of the story; also his faithful companion Chop, or with Faith, the agency’s elite hacker. And what will be our first job as Franklin’s assistants? Assigning Dr. Dre to solve a “high stakes” heist.

The Contract content comes to GTA Online

Theft of Dr. Dre’s cell phone It’s the talk of everyone on the streets of Los Santos. They say it is full of unpublished songs from the next Dr. Dre album, so you have to find it before someone leaks them, “they detail from Rockstar.” This case can elevate your agency or end it, and it’s up to you to do the dirty work“.

History will reveal new songs from the hip hop legend and winner of six Grammy Awards, premiered exclusively in this great update of GTA Online.

The Contract content comes to GTA Online

Players can also stop by Record A Studios, where they will have the opportunity to see Dr. Dre in full swing. In this music studio we can hang out with him and another guest artist while you relax and enjoy the process of creating musical hits.

The Contract content comes to GTA Online

And you might be wondering: What do we gain from all this? Well, being a partner of F. Clinton & Partner allows us to acquire a new luxury multi-storey office space, perfect for this type of agency so dedicated to offering “solutions” to celebrities. This property includes an office space for the team and a lower level to store vehicles. Also, you can incorporate una armera that will allow you to improve your arsenal and a vehicle workshop that open the doors to a new range of modifications ideal for completing customer contracts.

The Contract content comes to GTA Online

The missions of F. Clinton & Partner

As the F. Clinton & Partner agency has just landed in the world, we will have to earn the respect and credibility of our clients. In other words, we will have to recover valuable vehicles and objects, conduct reckless rescue operations, defend valuable assets and much more.

Once we complete some contracts, Franklin will reveal the point where we will have to get our hands really dirty: the contract killings. “These commissions, clandestine and street, will grant you bonuses for following specific instructions and require adopting a low profile,” they indicate from Rockstar. We can call Imani and Franklin from our iFruit to request the contracts.

Three new weapons arrive

The Contract content comes to GTA Online

With this content is available to purchase the heavy rifle in Ammu-Nation or buy it and modify it in the armory of your agency at a discounted price. The pistola elctrica and the EMP launcher Compact are gadgets that you can only find in the agency’s armory.

Seven new vehicles

The Contract content comes to GTA Online

This update also brings with it a total of seven new vehicles. These three are available from Legendary Motorsport:

  • Supercoche Pegassi Ignus
  • Sedn Lampadati Cinquemilao
  • Pfister Astron SUV

The remainder incorporate Imani technology, which can be purchased at the agency’s vehicle workshop:

  • Supercoche Dewbauchee Champion
  • Blido Bravado Buffalo STX
  • Sedn Enus Deity
  • Enus Jubilee SUV

“Slippery mines, armor, and machine guns are essential elements for the agency’s work. Also, the missile lockdown inhibitor prevents the guided missiles from targeting you, while the remote control unit allows you to steer. at a distance “, they point out in Rockstar.

New stations

New GTA Online Stations

When you roll on the asphalt tune in the new MOTOMAMI Los Santos radio station, presented by ROSALA and Arca, and enjoy a wide musical range that offers from bachata to electronics. Also hitting the airwaves are Radio Los Santos and West Coast Classics, including new tracks from artists like Juicy J and Mike Dean, Pusha T, Dom Kennedy, Mozzy and many more.

New GTA Online Stations

New clothes

There are hundreds of new streetwear and accessories like jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and tattoos, as well as new face paint and barber hairstyles. Players visiting Record A Studios between now and December 22 will receive the free Westside Adjustable Cap.

New clothing items from GTA Online

Positive changes in GTA Online

With the release of this content, players will receive fewer phone calls and text messages, and the pause menu map can now be used to view and select game options. In addition, if we highlight the contact icons on the map, we can see this content in detail.

Also in the pause menu we will find a series of prizes and new daily objectives. In turn, daily property and business rates have been lowered, and players will now increase their reputation level in the LS Car Meet by completing shop contracts, car deliveries to customers, and rare exports. Finally, we can put more money in the safe at the nightclub and in the arcade.

What's New in GTA Online

Discounts and bonuses

Visit the Roulette of Fortune and LS Car Meet for the latest prizes and contests, and get Double GTA $ & RP on Transform Races, Herbicide and Welcome Committee. Additionally, all GTA Online players playing this week will receive the Radio Los Santos T-Shirt, totally free, to celebrate the legacy of this legendary hip hop radio station.

What's New in GTA Online

Special bonuses

As you complete each of the missions in Dr. Dre’s contract, you will receive various cash bonuses for completing them the first time. Plus, complete three security contracts by December 22 to earn a juicy GTA $ 200,000 bonus, which you will receive in a maximum of 72 hours.

Keep an eye out for GTA Online in the coming weeks for new vehicles, holiday gifts, a new Adversary Mode featuring familiar faces, and many more surprises in Record A Studios.

Limited time benefits and Prime Gaming

GTA Online players linking their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive 100,000 GTA $ just for playing anytime this week.

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