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Fortnite: How To Power Up Players (The Easy Way)

An easy way to turn on another player in Fortnite is by using Firefly Jars. To acquire these fire grenade jars, players must collect wild fireflies.

Fortnite It offers an infinite amount of challenges and missions to complete, and a possible objective that players could be tasked with is powering up an enemy player. In the past, players could set other players on fire using Dragon’s Breath Shotgun or Sniper, the exotic variants of standard weapons that can be purchased from Blaze. However, in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, players must use flammable ammunition from the natural environment: fireflies.

Added to the game in June 2020, Fireflies are a collectible resource in the wild. Players can zoom in on the creatures and hold the interact button to collect them in a jar of fireflies. The Firefly Jar can be used as a throwaway explosive to set fire to players and nearby flammable objects, such as wooden structures. Previously in Episode 2gamers can find fireflies galore in Weeping Woods and the Scenic Spot Landmark north of the Corny Complex. However, due to changes and updates in Fortnite Chapter 3, players will need to search different locations.

An easy way to turn players on Fortnite It is by doing the Team Rumble game mode, which can be found in the “By Epic” category. As you play this more casual battle royale, head to the snowy wooded area southwest of Corny Crossroads. Here, players can find plenty of fireflies to catch Firefly Jar fire grenades. Collect as many as you need and start throwing them at the players to ignite them or their structures to gradually burn them down.

Strategies to turn on opponents in Fortnite

Unless an enemy player is completely still or moving in only one direction, throwing jars of fireflies at them can be somewhat challenging in Fortnite. Even if the player manages to throw a precise throw, their opponent can jump / dodge out of the way or build walls to protect themselves. Players must equip their Firefly Jar and prepare to attack while hiding behind a tree or inside a bush to counter such reactions. Remember to choose a location where the player’s current skin or outfit blends in well with the surroundings.

Once an outsider opponent approaches, players will have the perfect opportunity to launch a Firefly Jar at their enemy, igniting them and dealing damage in the process. Once the enemy player is on fire, continue to throw the remaining flasks at them to disorient them or use an equipped primary or secondary weapon on Fortnite to end them.

Fortnite está disponible en PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS y Android.

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