Wednesday, May 25

FILMECHANISM debuts on PC and Switch • Console and Dashboard

FILMECHANISM It is already part of the PC catalog, through Steam. This Chemical Pudding and Phoenixx proposal, which combines action and puzzles, is also preparing to join the Nintendo Switch.


In this challenge in two dimensions, our task will be to restore scenarios. Specifically, we must return them to the state in which they were at the moment in which we pressed the ‘record’ button.

In total, we will move through 200 levels, with their traps and hidden mechanisms. They will be the ones to help solve each puzzle. Our character is REC, an inhabitant of the planet Chamber. Its power consists in recording the state of any scenario and later trying to recover it.

The aesthetic does not go unnoticed, playing with nostalgia. It is not for less, since the 8 bits are present in both the graphics and the sound. Its track system allows anyone to play it.

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