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Emulating games on retro or arcade consoles is a ‘civil and even criminal offense’, AEVI warns

AVI, the Spanish Video Game Association, has issued a official statement in which it warns of the use of illegal copies of video games in devices that are marketed as hardware retro but that actually include emulators to run titles that have not been acquired by legal means. Jos Mara Moreno, general director of the association, explains that “the elusion of the technological protection measures established on any device, including video consoles, or in a video game to proceed to emulation is a civil and even criminal offense“.

The association focuses mainly on “the so-called consoles retro The arcade“which on many occasions, even without the users’ knowledge, carry illicit copies of video games preloaded:” These devices contain emulators, which are computer programs that allow playing with illicit copies of video games on a device other than the original for which they are used. I created the video game “, AEVI explains.

This warning comes on the occasion of the christmas campaign, dates in which AEVI wants to take advantage of to make an appeal about the importance of respecting copyrights avoiding, for example, using this type of illicit emulation devices to execute copies of video games and infringe the intellectual property rights of its creators. In this way, the development of the legal offer of digital leisure content in Spain can be favored, they say in the statement.

Is it a crime to pirate video games?

AEVI also recalls that the use of illegal copies, by entailing an infringement of the owner’s rights of exploitation, may lead to a imprisonment from six months to four years, as well as a fine of twelve to twenty-four months. This is because a product such as video games cannot be distributed without the rights to exploit them, which belong to their authors for seventy years since the video game was released. In the case of abandonware (video games whose commercialization has ceased), from the association they explain that “they are rarely constituted as such” because after the disappearance of the author company, their rights pass to other companies and their distribution is up to them.

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