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Elections in Chile: proposals and Chicanas in the last televised “pulseada” | World | The voice of the interior

With the premise of keeping the votes obtained in the first round within their own fold, adding the ideologically related that went to the baskets of the candidates who did not go to the ballot in that instance, and ensuring that the majority of the voters support them who decide to participate next Sunday and who abstained from doing so last November, Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast starred in the second and final debate on Monday with a view to the crucial dispute on December 19.

Everything published about the elections in Chile

In the exposition of proposals and blows of effect broadcast on open television, Boric surprised when he showed the cameras the negative results of a drug use test.

He used the resource in the middle of a discussion about the legalization of marijuana self-cultivation that the center-left candidate supports and the radical right-wing one rejects.

Moments before, the candidate for La Moneda of the Republican Party had suggested that both should take a drug test so his opponent won that arm wrestling.

Another tense moment in the two-and-a-half-hour transmission was recorded when Boric cried out: “the festival of lies has begun”; It was in response to a statement by Kast about an alleged change of plans regarding the Pension Fund Administrators system, before a possible government. The ultra-rightist promised to improve it but not change it, in opposition to Boric’s proposal to generate a new and superior one.

Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast.

There was also a peak of rispidity when, when asked about which presidents they valued the most, Kast chose Patricio Aylwin (1990-1994) “because he had the difficult task of carrying out the transition to democracy in Chile.” Boric instantly reminded him that in the 1989 plebiscite the Republican had voted for the then dictator Augusto Pinochet to continue for eight more years as head of the de facto government, so Aylwin would not have come to power.

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