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Dr Disrespect Announces Midnight Society: His First Video Game Will Be a PVP in EU 5

Said and done. Guy Beahm, better known in the streaming and video game world as Dr DisrespectHe said this summer that he wanted to start his own video game studio. When the year is about to end, his project has been made official: has formed the Midnight Society development studio, along with former Infinity Ward and 343i employees. The three leaders of the team are Beahm, accompanied by studio director Robert Bowling and creative director Quinn DelHoyo.

Dr Disrespect funda Midnight Society

The project comes in collaboration with BoomTV, and already in its official website Dr Disrespect promises that: “These games will be incubated and developed or developed in conjunction with existing independent studies”. As a declaration of intent, the streamer promises with these projects to shape a community, to design a monetization “friendly” with the player or integration with eSports.

To put this project on its feet, Beahm has teamed up with Bowling (known as fourzerotwo in the community of Call of Duty): He is the former creative strategist and community manager for Infinity Ward. On the other hand, Del Hoyo She has spent the last few years of her career collaborating with 343i: she has been a lead designer of the Halo Infinite.

“Let’s turn the tables”

The CEO and co-founder of the Midnight Society is Sumit Gupta, who is also the founder and CEO of the e-sports platform BoomTV. According to what we can read on the studio’s official Twitter account, the team’s first game will be a multiplayer PVP developed on Unreal Engine 5. “We are going to turn the tables on the traditional video game development model,” they say.

In this sense they have introduced the concept “Day Zero Community”, which means “include our players, yes, you, from the beginning”. And what does this mean? Users will be able to test everything from loading times to recoil patterns at a shooting range, or trying out the first few sessions of PvP. “You will be there when your voices can really have an impact because we want to hear from you. Thats the reality”.

Midnight Society receives the warmth of the players

The truth is that the arrival of the study has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the community. “The first 24 hours since the announcement have been insane”, can be read in another tweet. The Midnight Society Discord channel now has almost 30,000 users and is about to reach 100,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, they maintain that they have received “more than 1600 requests to join the development team”, they point out, “and it is only Day 1”.

Can you take a look at his official website at the following link, where you will also find vacancies to be part of the Midnight Society.

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