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DNF Duel could be Arc System Works’ next great fighter after Guilty Gear Strive

A fighting game adaptation of Dungeon Fighter Online makes perfect sense, and Arc System Works developing DNF Duel could mean great things.

Fighting games had a good year in 2021, especially for those who like anime fighters. At both ends of the anime wrestling community, ranging from mainstream to relatively dark, fans got two great new entries in historical fighting game franchises. Guilty gear stress Y Melty Blood: Tipo Lumina They were the two long-awaited sequels that brought the next generation with new mechanics and art styles. Strive In particular, it saw huge popularity among ArcSys and fans of fighting games in general, and has still maintained much of its appeal after launch. However, Arc System Works has another new anime fighter in 2022: Duel DNF.

Arc System Works’ upcoming anime fighter has an interesting backstory – based on the original and wildly popular Dungeon Fighter Online MMO developer Neople has partnered with Arc System Works to develop a cartoon fighting game based on the different RPG classes that players can select from in the original MMO. While the game was originally announced in 2020, a host of new character trailers have come out since the game was re-revealed in November. Each subsequent trailer has highlighted all the Dungeon Fighter Online classes that come to the game, showing as a whole Duel DNFpotential as ArcSys’ next great anime fighter.

De Dungeon Fighter Online a DNF Duel

An adaptation of the fighting game of Dungeon Fighter Online certainly makes a lot of sense, and Arc System Works developing the Duel DNF the spin-off couldn’t be a better fit. Dungeon Fighter Online is a wildly popular action-RPG MMO, with over 700 million registered players and over $ 15 billion in revenue since its original release in Korea in 2005.

Unlike other action / hack and slash MMOs, Dungeon Fighter OnlineThe unique battle mechanic rewarded players who made fighting game-like inputs to activate character attacks or special abilities. The inputs could be assigned to hotkeys, but players were rewarded with a lower MP cost and less cooldown by making the “true” inputs for each special ability. Furthermore, also similar to fighting games, various abilities can also be canceled in a special way, which means that players can also chain unique combos between normal attacks. This did Dungeon Fighter OnlineThe experience stands out among other MMOs and also makes Duel DNF even more attractive.

While originally revealed in 2020, Arc System Works re-revealed Duel DNF earlier this year, and since then he’s been posting a ton of character reveal videos ever since. Borrowing from the iconic fluid animation and artistic design seen in other ArcSys fighting games like Granblue Fantasy: Versus Y Guilty gear stress, Duel DNF emphasizes the original ostentation and style of Dungeon Fighter Online in a one-on-one scenario. Neople and Arc System Works are implementing characters in Duel DNF as their proper class / subclass names as well, rather than giving the characters canonical names or playing around with the original Dungeon Fighter Online identities from the list.

Why DNF Duel could be a surprise hit

Fans of anime fighters will obviously be excited about any fighting game that Arc System Works develops, but Duel DNF is especially unique due to its distinctive source material, as well as its marriage between its origins and the mechanics of the ArcSys fighting game. In some way, Duel DNF seems to be some kind of Culprit mechanism Strive-adjacent adaptation of Dungeon Fighter Online; incorporating elements of the MMO combat style into a fighting game framework. There are combos, reset and confusion opportunities, special entry skills and attacks, air races, and variety of characters, all of which make for an excellent anime-inspired fighting game.

considering Guilty gear stress received such a positive reception from critics and fans, Duel DNF you are absolutely in good hands with Arc System Works. The original Dungeon Fighter OnlineThe combat systems were so complex that dedicated players even posted combo videos of the MMO itself, from both PvP and PvE modes. Based on the trailer for Duel DNF, Arc System Works clearly recognizes and celebrates that ability, with tons of eye-catching effects for each class’s unique attacks and abilities. Even with some minor similarities between classes and weapon skins, all characters shown Duel DNF it looks incredibly different and interesting.

Players will be testing for the first time this coming weekend with the game’s open beta on console, but so far, Duel DNF It looks like it could be a surprise hit with the fighting game community. Especially if the game receives a rollback network code, like recent fighting games from Arc System Works (as well as older ones, like Culprit mechanism), then Duel DNF You could be setting yourself up for success. Even players of the MMO itself may be interested in trying the game, even if they are not necessarily rooted in anime fighters or fighting games in general. Duel DNF It has a lot going for it, and maybe after beta the next fighting game could gain some momentum.

Duel DNF is in development, with an open beta coming to PS4 / PS5 from December 17-18, 2021.

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