Wednesday, August 10

Amazon Echo Show Gets a Dramatic Upgrade to Give It New Abilities

Amazon is bringing Zoom and Amazon Chime to its Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) smart displays in the US, increasing their usefulness at home.

The latest Amazon Echo Show has been hampered by a lack of support for video calling services outside of its own Alexa and Skype calling service, so the Zoom and Chime additions should help eliminate that problem.

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If you’ve been suffering from Zoom fatigue, this may not be the news you want to hear; however, it means a major leap in device functionality for a variety of users. The Echo Show 8 already offers support for Zoom, so its absence was notable on the Echo Show 10, not to mention its lack of support for Amazon Chime.

With the pandemic changing our work lives, Zoom is now a cornerstone of remote working, allowing people to stay in touch with colleagues and family through its video conferencing interface. In fact, you’ll have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t trusted the app at one point or another, making it a welcome addition to the newer Echo.

The Echo Show 10’s motorized dock allows Alexa to rotate the screen to face you on a call, using the camera’s built-in face-tracking technology to offer a seemingly effortless user experience in Zoom.

The ability to pair your calendar with Alexa and Zoom should allow you to stay on top of your schedule through the Echo Show 10 by automatically organizing your calendar, provided you have a meeting ID and passcode. In theory, this means that you can command Alexa to join a call on the video conferencing service.

Amazon Chime will work in a similar way: meet, chat and make calls with colleagues from the smart screen, saving you the hassle of looking for an invite link in a flooded inbox.

Updates are rolling out automatically to the Echo Show 10. As such, users should now have many options to choose from when participating in remote calls, plus greater flexibility to make video calls without having to move their entire workstation to other rooms. .

Zoom’s growing popularity over the past year has led to more features coming to the platform, such as the ability to change your appearance in real time and escape boring Zoom calls, all of which can now be used through the Echo. Show 10.

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