Monday, June 27

Video Tutorial El Corral (prototype) • Console and Dashboard

2 to 10 players face off in The Corral, card game that is immersed in a campaign to seek financing in Verkami. If it reaches its initial goal of 4,500 euros, it will hit the tables in March 2022.

It proposes us to accumulate fewer cards than the opponents, combining memory and visual speed. Following some classic mechanics, when two participants coincide in number or color, they will unleash a battle, trying to remember the element that was hiding the opponent’s card, based on the category in play.

The jokers, the skulls and the eyes are the special cards, with which to turn the challenge. We discover its components and explain its rules in a 3-minute video tutorial. As it is a prototype, its design is not final. It bears the signature of Víctor Manuel Álamo Álvarez.


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