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Uncharted: Tom Holland looks like Nathan Drake in movie poster | Levelup

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The adaptation of Uncharted to the big screen has taken longer than expected. Fortunately, fans of Nathan Drake and company will have to wait just a little longer to enjoy the franchise film, starring Tom Holland.

The film will hit theaters early next year, so Sony Pictures thinks it’s a good time to start promoting it further. That is why this morning he released one of the first official posters of Uncharted.

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This is what the cool new movie poster looks like Uncharted

How could it be otherwise, the new promo for the film stars Tom Holland, who we see in his role as Nathan Drake. The actor is perfectly characterized as the popular bounty hunter from Naughty Dog.

In addition, the poster allows us to take another look at Mark Wahlberg, who will play Sully. In the background there is a setting that confirms that both characters will have exciting adventures during the plot.

There are fans who were excited about the poster and affirmed that it looks good, as it recreates some scenes from the franchise to some extent. However, other people lashed out at the promo.

There are people who still believe that the casting of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake was not successful and that the role would have been much better for Nathan Fillion. We do not tell you more and we leave you the poster below:

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The movie of Uncharted It will debut on February 18, 2022 in most regions. Look for more news about the franchise at this link.

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