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This is the Tesvor X500 Pro, the robot to vacuum and scrub at the same time

A new company that sells cleaning products comes to our market, it is Tesvor that launches the X500 Pro model, the robot vacuum cleaner for vacuuming and scrubbing in the same operation and on any type of floor, using a removable mop with cleaning option wet, in a single pass. It has a water tank of up to 350ml and a dust container with a HEPA filter.

One of the outstanding advantages of the device is that it allows to control the exit of the water from the tank since it has an electronic control of the tank, which avoids leaving water stains thanks to its special filter system to protect surfaces. Tesvor X500 Pro is also prepared to adapt to the level of dirt, being able to program up to three different power levels: low, medium and high intensity.

The 1800 Pa of suction power of the Tesvor X500 Pro, together with its 2500 mAh battery, give you a range of up to 100 minutes of continuous operation. It should be noted that it works with a minimum of noise: less than 65 dB.

The new Tesvor X500 Pro reaches the Spanish market at a price of about 180 euros.

I need navigation system

All functions of this appliance can be controlled remotely by the robot’s APP. This application, compatible with Google Home and Alexa, allows you to have intelligent control over the device, which facilitates processes and optimizes operation. In this way, it is possible to create maps of the route of the environment and manage the cleaning routes of the robot, to schedule schedules and even select specific cleaning areas.

The orders that facilitate the creation of the path that the device travels are managed with its system of gyro navigation SLAM 3.0. The vacuum cleaner processors together with a series of algorithms and sensors are capable of capturing, collecting and analyzing the environment in which the machine is located, to create the most suitable route throughout the room. The smart map in real time allows you to plan cleaning, view cleaning status and control the robot remotely.

Another important feature is that it is programmed for safety, so it has an efficient fall protection system. And, when the device no longer has enough battery, its navigation protocol with automatic return dictates it to return to the charging station, to later resume cleaning at the exact point where it was left once recharged.

Featured values

Vacuum and scrub: Tesvor X500 Pro includes a removable mop with a wet cleaning function for up to 80 minutes in one pass. It allows to control the water outlet through the electronic control of the tank, it does not leave water stains by integrating a special filter system to protect the floor. It has 3 levels of intensive cleaning (low, medium and high) that can be controlled through the APP.

Smart control: Use the free Tesvor mobile app to manage work routes and store maps, schedule schedules, select cleaning zones, etc. It is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Suction power and autonomy: The robot offers up to 100 minutes of continuous operation, suitable for large rooms, carpets up to 15mm, hard floors, wooden floors and all kinds of smooth surfaces.

Programming: Its gyroscope navigation system supports maps and cleaning routes, features drop protection, charges automatically, and enables in-depth cleaning of the entire home.

Automatic return navigation: The robot returns to the charging station when the battery reaches a low level.


The Tesvor X500 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is, according to the tests carried out, a very efficient household appliance that sucks the dust from the floor with a 1800 Pa power and scrubs thanks to a removable mop and a 350 ml water tank. The results are optimal since to speed up the cleaning of each of the rooms you do not need to go around the entire house twice. The vacuum cleaner removing dust and dirt in a single operation, while the removable mop Eliminate the rest that may remain from the soil with humidity.

The navigation routes depend on the SLAM 3.0 gyroscopic system, which is very accurate. The algorithms and sensors act as the brain and senses of the robot to capture, collect and analyze the environment through which it is moving, avoid falls and eliminate dirt.

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The company behind the machine

Tesvor is a company that was born in 2014, in Shenzhen (China). It specializes in the manufacture of robots, which it began to sell in 2015 and to produce in its own factory in 2016. In recent years it has experienced considerable international growth, thanks to the excellent quality-price ratio of its products. Its engineering team is made up of more than 150 people and has carried out more than 100 patents. Currently the company produces more than 10,000 robots a day.


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