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They celebrate the year of approval of the laws of voluntary interruption of pregnancy and the one thousand days | Citizens | The voice of the interior

The national government celebrated this Tuesday afternoon in Tecnópolis the year of the approval of the laws of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy and that of “1000 days”, a program by which the State assists women from the beginning of pregnancy until the beginning of pregnancy. three years of the life of your son or daughter.

The laws were approved on December 30, 2020, and in the case of the 1000-day law, it was regulated last August. In Tecnópolis the First Federal Meeting of the 1000 Days Plan was held, which brought together 2,500 attendees from all over the country.

The closing ceremony was led by Alberto Fernández, who was accompanied on stage by the Ministers of Health, Carla Vizzotti; of Gender, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta; the Legal and Technical Secretary, Vilma Ibarra; the owner of Anses, Fernanda Raverta; and the presidential couple, Fabiola Yáñez.

“The first argument for which we promoted these laws was to guarantee the health of the woman before the decision to interrupt the pregnancy. Later we saw that it was necessary to guarantee both the freedom of the woman who decides to interrupt the pregnant woman and also guarantee the freedom of the woman who decides to have her child, ”Fernández recalled.

“We need equal rights; these laws expand rights ”, affirmed the President.

We have given women the opportunity to decide and in both cases the State is present and we celebrate that they have the right to decide, ”he added.

The objective of the “1000 Days” program is for the State to accompany pregnant women and children in their first three years. “It is a universal program, any woman has rights to these State allocations”, clarified the President.

“The best society is the one that equalizes, the one that puts its citizens on a level of equal opportunities,” said Fernández.

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Minister Gómez Alcorta said: “a year has passed since the enactment of the IVE laws and the 1000 days, in which a close State is put into play, which will accompany us in each of our life decisions”, and He explained that the initiative “is a law designed in terms of rights, which works and expands those rights in the field of social security, identity, health, and the prevention of violence.”

The Plan, which includes income, identity and health policies, and targets around 600,000 pregnant people and 1.8 million children, promotes shared parenting in which responsibility for childcare be family, community and state institutions.

The conference at Tecnópolis included workshops and talks on social security, identity, prenatal care, respected childbirth, feeding and breastfeeding, parenting and community, child development, children with special care, gender-based violence, and teenage pregnancies. the Government reported.

In this framework, progress in the application of the Comprehensive Health Care and Attention Law during Pregnancy and Early Childhood (No. 27,611), which was approved on December 30, 2020 by the National Congress, was analyzed. .

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