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The Witcher children’s series on Netflix will retain some of the most horrible elements of its world | Levelup

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Netflix wants The Witcher be a key franchise in what your streaming service offers. In addition to the series starring Henry Cavill, the service released an animated film and is already preparing a prequel. Not only that, it will also have a children’s series that has turned out to be a bit controversial. To squid the fans a bit, it is now clarified that it will keep some of the most horrible elements in the world of The Witcher.

Recently, IGN spoke with Lauren Shcmidt Hissrich, producer of The Witcher, about the children’s show based on this universe. There he acknowledged that the project has been really controversial for eliminating many of the mature elements of the series. However, it reminded audiences that it is something that fairy tales have done for years.

“I think it’s the most controversial thing we’ve announced so far. And it’s not about saying we’re going to take this universe, and then take away all the blood, all the sex, and all the violence and then just present that again to the kids. For me, what most attracted me to The Witcher, aside from the fact that it’s a family, it’s all the moral issues that Sapkowski has there. His short stories, for example, are fairy tales. Fairy tales are also written for children. There is a way to adapt these themes and these stories, with different characters, of course, laying the foundation for the world of The Witcher“, He said.

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Now, that they are going to adapt it for children does not mean that they are going to remove all the personality from The Witcher. Elements such as Trial of the Grasses, the incredibly painful ordeal that all young Witchers go through, will remain a reality in this series.

“We’re not going to avoid some of the more controversial parts either.” We’ve talked a lot about how the Trial of the Grasses will appear in this, because we need it. Without the Trial of the Grasses it is not The Witcher. So these are conversations that we have constantly, but I know there is a way to do it, “he concluded.

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