Wednesday, August 10

The new Twitter functionality: automatic subtitles on videos

Twitter announced on Tuesday the arrival of the new function of automatic subtitles to the videos of the platform, to which will be added the text transcripts translated into 30 different languages, including Spanish and Catalan.

Twitter’s automatic video captioning feature is available worldwide to users of the social network on the web and on their mobile apps with iOS and Android operating systems, as confirmed by Twitter in a statement sent to Europa Press.

With this new update, the new videos uploaded to the platform will be automatically transcribed. This will make video tweets more accessible and will offer “greater comfort to users when it comes to playing the videos on the platform no matter where they are. “

This feature is available from this Tuesday in more than 30 different languages, including Castilian and Catalan.

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The company explains that in the web version users have the option of deactivating or activating the display of automatic subtitles in the videos with the button ‘CC‘, while in the mobile version the muted videos will automatically show the subtitles, and in order to keep them activated, the device’s accessibility settings will have to be changed.

The functionality is in addition to other Twitter efforts to make the platform more accessible, such as creating two internal teams focused on expanding and strengthening accessibility on Twitter, the introduction of subtitles for voice tweets and for audio in Spaces, as well as accessibility labels.

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