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The indie Spiritfarer has already sold 1 million copies | Levelup

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Currently, the video game industry provides for all kinds of proposals and although it is a sector with a lot of competition with thousands of games released each year, it is always a reason for joy that an indie title can break through and achieve important goals. This time, the turn is Spiritfarer, lovely title from Thunder Lotus Games that has already sold 1 million copies.

Spiritfarer already sold more than 1 million copies

Through a post on its official Twitter account, Thunder Lotus Games reported that Spiritfarer It has already sold more than 1 million copies after its launch on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The studio thanked the fans for having made this goal come true and the success of this title within the independent scene was hard-won by its proposal full of fun and emotion.

Spiritfarer and the way we deal with death

Spiritfarer is an uncomplicated life simulator that focuses on a simple but attractive narrative accompanied by a charming art direction. In this title you take the role of Stella, a young man who has to help his loved ones to fulfill the last tasks before they leave for eternal rest. The theme of Spiritfarer revolves around death and the way we deal with it knowing that it is inevitable, hence the goal is to fulfill the requests of the characters as we embark on an adventure in a world full of color and detail.

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